Was looking through some old photos and came across this. Built this a year ago as a funny way to announce the pending expansion of our family on Facebook 🙂 Photo quality is unfortunately not that great since this was taken with my old setup. Heavily inspired by Letranger Absurde‘s creations.

The Dragon Cave

Having visited an amusement park with a roller coaster that had a dragon’s head popping out of the wall along the ride, my son was adamant that we needed to build our own dragon cave, and so we did 🙂 The dragon’s head is a modified head of a tyrannosaurus from a lego set that…

The Pond

After building our Mountain MOC my son informed me that there is also pond next to the mountain, so we had to do another MOC featuring this water feature 🙂

The Mountain

A MOC suggested by my son after a walk to a nearby “mountain”, which is actually more of a small hill 🙂