Element Experimentation: Leafy Underbrush

An attempt to get a bit of a wilder look from the plume feathers, by utilising the 6 pronged plant piece. At this point it hardly qualifies as grass anymore and is more of a heavy underbrush in a light forest. This could probably also be used to represent bushes like rhododendron or similar if…

Travis Tree Tutorial

A tutorial showing how to make a tree made mostly out of travis bricks and 1×1 plates in your colour of choice (I went with dark green). It’s quite simple but still has a rather organic shape to it. There is a bit of a pattern in it, but this can be fixed by alternating…

Green Travis Tree

Put some colour on my travis tree, to see if it could become something more useful. Not so sure about the result actually, but it could probably fit in with other micro trees in a forest or something 🙂

Travis Tree

Tried out building in single colour today, with a tree made mostly out of travis bricks. This is a pretty tiny build, but I can imagine working in a single colour becomes very different when building on a larger scale.

Element Experimentation: Cattle Horn Grass

Yet another grass technique. Have used this technique before, but wanted to try to make it even more dense, and this is the result. Again, quite an expensive technique as green cattle horns aren’t the cheapest. I also wanted to see if this could be made to look like short grass, but even with a…