Amazon: Regrowth

The fourth and last installment of mine and Bartu’s Amazon collaboration – Regrowth 🙂

Amazon: Regrowth

Of all four builds I found this to be the hardest. Not in terms of time and effort, but in striking a balance. The idea is to show nature reclaiming land that has been misused, showing that nature has the strength to recover. At the same time, I didn’t want to show it too overgrown, as nature needs time, lots of time, to grow back. I also wanted it to be clear that this was a new forest in the making.

Amazon: Regrowth

As such, there had to be enough vegetation to show that nature was taking over, but not so much that the signs of human interference were lost in the build. I’m not confident that I got all the way there, but it was a good try hopefully 🙂

Amazon: Regrowth

Not much in terms of innovation in this build. Basically a lot of the same things that I used in the third build, but broken and covered.

Amazon: Regrowth

Hope you enjoyed the build! I think it’s one of those that could be improved quite a bit on hindsight, but I think it still turned out ok 🙂

Amazon: Regrowth

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