The Ascent

A micro landscape build inspired by the Swiss alps which I had the privilege to do some hiking in a while ago. I was fascinated by the change in vegetation with altitude and I thought it’d make a nice theme for a build. The effect is, of course, greatly exaggerated in this build for aesthetic purposes 🙂

The Ascent (8 of 12)

Previously I have not built models with sharp inclination in the build. This presented a few new challenges. The main one I found to be how to portray the inside of the mountain. I didn’t want to have a large grey wall stretching out along the sides and back of the build, as I felt this would detract from the natural flow of the build. I would also have been quite parts intensive. My solution was to make an arch shape of the mountain that I feel is more in line with the flowy nature of the build, although perhaps not as realistic.

The Ascent (12 of 12)

This build was about the nature, so I tried to keep non-natural details to a minimum. Essentially the only man made elements are the little fence at the bottom, the camping site on the top and, of course, the little path going up the mountain.

The Ascent (11 of 12)

I used my previous designs for most of the trees, but a couple of them are new. The most special one is probably the large green tree at the bottom made from ninja horns and flotation devices. It is a bit odd and quite expensive, but I like the organic texture of it. Not a tree that you build too many of though as you need loads of rather expensive pieces for it.

The Ascent (5 of 12)

The other new design was the small, snow covered trees at the top. I’m personally not completely happy with them as they a bit too symmetrical. Then I made a few bare trees as well, but building these are more of an art than I technique I find. I found them interesting to build, but a bit limited as I lacked many pieces that might be useful for these types of trees.

The Ascent (9 of 12)

I’m quite happy with how the build turned out, and I think it was good training in building more hilly and mountainous terrain, which I am definitely interested in building more of.

The Ascent (1 of 12)

The Ascent (2 of 12)

The Ascent (3 of 12)

The Ascent (4 of 12)

The Ascent (6 of 12)

The Ascent (7 of 12)

The Ascent (10 of 12)

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