Rounded Office Building

Rounded Office (2 of 2)

This was sort of an exercise in using organic shapes for a building. Though complicated, the concave surfaces and the three pronged shape were manageable. Finishing up the top by fitting a roof was a whole different matter though, and I’m not actually very happy with how it turned out. Ok, but not great.

Still, I like the general shape of the building and with a decent roof it could look really nice. Anyone else who has tried out these shapes before and come up with a better roof solution?

Rounded Office (1 of 2)

The model is not actually based on anything, but a friend who visited recognised it as an office building from a neighbouring city and after checking it out the similarities are actually quite striking. So perhaps I subconsciously recreated something I had actually seen on a trip there? The mind is an enigma 🙂

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