Mispronounced Movie Characters: Darth Waiter

Mispronounced Movie Characters: Darth Waiter

I quite often hear my kids mispronounce the names of minifigures they find in our collection. Darth Vader seems especially prone to this phenomenon with multiple alternative pronounciations to his name. One permutation is ‘Darth Waiter’ (with an american accent where the ‘t’ sounds like ‘d’) which I find quite funny, so I went ahead and made a build featuring him 🙂

I believe this is my first completely immersive build, which was quite interesting. It definitely requires you to pay more attention to angles and camera position and settings while planning the build. Seen this done really quite masterfully by other builders, so I thought I’d try it out as well 🙂

There are also a couple of piece usages that I’ve been waiting to use for quite some time now, and I think they turned out pretty ok.

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