Lugbulk Experimentation: Microscale Tree

Receiving your LUGBULK is always an interesting experience. Apart from getting new bricks, which is always exciting, the fact that the time from order to delivery is so long (9 months in my experience) provides an interesting opportunity to revisit your past. Who was I as a builder 9 months ago? And what on earth did I order all these strange elements for? 😉

I figured it could be pretty interesting to go through my haul of pieces and see what I could make of them. An exercise heavily inspired by the New Elementary workshop I managed to sneak myself into at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend just 2 weeks back 😀

First out is:
16770 – Barb / Claw / Horn – Large with Clip in Bright Green

LUGBULK Experimentation: Micro Tree

Certainly no surprise that a tree builder like me would pick a piece like this 😉 I went with a microscale tree, which I think the piece works pretty good for. Shape wise I would have wanted the pieces higher up to have a sharper angle downwards, to give a better shape to the tree.

Possibly this could also be used as a minifig scale bush.

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