Element Experimentation: Microscale Tree

Receiving bricks is always an interesting experience. Lately I have received quite a few new bricks, both from orders where I have chosen the pieces, but also a number of random pieces which, in many cases, I have no idea what to do with. And even for some of the ordered elements I’m still not sure what I had in mind when ordering them 🙂

So, I figured it could be pretty interesting to go through my haul of pieces and see what I could make of them. An exercise heavily inspired by the New Elementary workshop I managed to sneak myself into at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend just 2 weeks back 😀

First out is:
16770 – Barb / Claw / Horn – Large with Clip in Bright Green

Element Experimentation: Micro Tree

Certainly no surprise that a tree builder like me would pick a piece like this 😉 I went with a microscale tree, which I think the piece works pretty good for. Shape wise I would have wanted the pieces higher up to have a sharper angle downwards, to give a better shape to the tree.

Possibly this could also be used as a minifig scale bush.

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