Element Experimentation: Winter Landscape

Element Experimentation: Winter Landscape

As the fireworks of autumn fizzles out the majestic serenity of the winter wonderland promptly replaces it.

But actually, there’s about two months’ worth of cold, grey and dreary darkness in between, but let’s skip that this year 🙂

Just like my autumn build this is all about the trees, made from 13564 – Cattle Horn – Long in Reddish Brown and the new flowers. So rather than being an exercise in experimental technique, the focus here is more on the composition and incorporating other techniques, like, for example, the bent road that I used in my build ‘The Foothills’.

I wanted to try out a slightly sparser pattern in the forest, which makes sense for a winter forest, since it would be snow-covered branches rather than leaves. Also, I put a few standalone trees and a couple of smaller cluster, to see how this tree technique fares when it’s not part of a big forest. The upside down 1×1 round brick is certainly much more obvoius in these cases, but I’m still making up my mind about how detrimental it is to the quality of the build. Sometimes I think it’s not too bad, and sometimes I think it just looks silly 😛

All in all I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, and it was fun to try this on a 16×16 where you can actually fit in a bit of varied landscape. Now for a 32×32 build featuring spring! 😉 (joke… maybe? ;))

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