Micro Trees

Made a series of 7 different microscale trees as a fun exercise and also to get myself back into building more again 🙂 Hope you like them!

Microtree (1 of 7)

This first one utilises the stem with 3 leaves in conjunction with the plate with 3 leaves. I have not worked with the stem piece before, but got hold of some recently and they match the style of the plate pretty well. Feel it looks pretty ok, though the stem pieces stick out a bit too much, and the general shape may be a bit too round.

Microtree (2 of 7)

This tree is a slightly modified version of one of my old designs, built in order to utilise the diagonally cut 1×2 rounded slope, which I think is a fantastic piece for plants. The cut breaks many of the patterns formed when using a regular rounded slope, which helps to create a more organic look.
Looking at the result, I think it didn’t really live up to what I had imagined beforehand. Though the diagonal cut breaks some lines, it also creates some new ones, with the net result being about the same in my eyes. The one exposed stud also sticks out a bit too much when everything else is smooth. It certainly works as a micro tree though, and variation of designs are always welcome 🙂

Microtree (3 of 7)

A different proposition, that is perhaps more of a bush than a tree, and arguably also minifig scale rather than micro-scale. I love that the regular green plant vine piece have popped up in Pick-a-Brick walls! I’ve done something similar with dark green vines before, but with regular green it was harder to hide the black center of the plant. Though patches of black are visible I feel this still works very well, with no real problems, except perhaps that the bottom layer needs to be covered up a bit.
If you like this, you should check out the real master of these types of trees: Marco den Besten. His trees are awesome, and were one of the first lego trees I came across when just coming into the afol scene. He’s even got instructions for his version, which can be built much taller than mine. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already!

Microtree (4 of 7)

I really like the 2×2 corner plate in green. It has a bit of a leafy quality to it, while still retaining the distinct LEGO look. Having two columns with holes on the bottom also means it can be chained when connected to grass pieces. I’ve done this for bushes before, but not for a tree. It works alright, though the size of the plates might be slightly big for this scale. Also locked in some vines inside as fillers and variation in texture at some points.

Microtree (5 of 7)

Another spikey bush. Kind of a dark juniper bush, but can probably also pass for a Christmas pine. The sea weed was in the LEGO House Pick-a-Brick quite a while, though it’s been over a year since I was there last now. I keep feeling that this piece has a lot of untapped potential in how it can be woven together, but when I sit down with it, it usually feels awkward to work with. Finally got myself some dark green round 1×1 with holes as well, though here black would probably work just as well.
Like this one quite a lot, but suffers from the same problem with the base as the other bush, and arguably even more as you have rather sharp edges at the bottom that needs to be hidden by other flora.

Microtree (6 of 7)

Ok, so “natural” kind of went out the window with this one. It’s the lego tree equivalent of an anime haircut. Still, if building in a more surreal style I think it could work ok. Mostly I just had loads of green 1×2 cheese slopes which I felt I should be able to do something with 😀

Microtree (7 of 7)

The last tree of the series!
Ok, so first a confession, this isn’t even my design :O While I was building the other six, my 8 year old son sat beside me and tried out stuff on his own, and one of them was this one. When it comes to texture I think this one beats all my designs quite handily. It kind of reminds me a bit of the really old trees LEGO made way back when. The downside is stability. Though the binoculars aren’t falling off that easily, they still tilt on touch. Still, quite a good looking tree in my opinion and a good way to round off this series 🙂


Hope you like the trees! I will be posting tutorials for them over the coming weeks 🙂

Happy building!

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