Amazon: The River

Amazon: The River

Over the past month I’ve been working on a collaboration, together with talented violinist, Bartu Elci-Ozsoy, portraying the Amazon rain-forest, in Lego and in music. Bartu would compose and record music in the spirit of the theme, while I would try to depict it in Lego.

The project has been divided in 4 themes, each dealing with a certain aspect of the Amazon. The first theme was ‘The River’ which can be seen in these images.

Amazon: The River

I’m quite happy with how the build turned out. I may have envisioned it even more overgrown, but this will be accomplished when the next theme build is added next to it.

Amazon: The River

I tried out a number of new techniques in this build (as well as many old ones) of which the hanging bright green leaves was probably the most central. I think it turned out alright, but the technique needs more polish in order to be reliable. I like the idea of gravity deciding how the leaves will hang, but it can sometimes look a bit limp and needs some rearranging to look good at times.

Amazon: The River

I hope you enjoy the result! 😀

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