Amazon: The Rainforest

The second theme of mine and Bartu’s Amazon collaboration is ‘The Rainforest’ 🙂

Amazon: The Rainforest

This was a fun build as I love to build trees and vegetation. I knew I wanted at least one very big tree, surrounded by some thinner and possibly shorter ones. This lead me to try out something I’ve not really tried, a tree with a square base. I generally think these trees don’t turn out as nice as more organic techniques, and it seems hard to overcome the square frame and make it look round in a natural way. However, since I felt stability might be an issue with the more experimental techniques, I decided to go for it and see if I could make square trees look good 🙂

Amazon: The Rainforest

Another area where I went in a slightly unusual direction was the color of the trunk. I’ve seen images of more pale-ish trees in the rainforest and I decided to try one out. I was actually considering using light bluish grey at first, but settled for tan in the end, though in hindsight, LBG would probably have been a more interesting choice.

Amazon: The Rainforest

Vegetation is mostly pretty standard though I did try a couple of new techniques. Went with a bit more color here as well, compared to the first build.

Amazon: The Rainforest

Lastly I added quite a number of animals, to make the jungle come alive 🙂
Hope you enjoy the result! 🙂

Amazon: The Rainforest

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