Looking back on 2016


2016 is over and it has been a pretty interesting year for me.

Halfway through 2016, I had my first real taste of microscale while building Avalonian Countryside for my Guilds of Historica storyline, and it kind of got me hooked. For a builder like me, who loves to build landscapes and nature, I think starting to build microscale was probably inevitable, as it allows you to build bigger panoramas without completely draining your wallet 🙂 I have more ideas in the pipeline, and am trying to develop some new techniques for micro landscaping, so I am very much looking forward to where that will take me in 2017.

During the year, I joined the Swedish LUG, Swebrick. Enjoying the support, appreciation, inspiration and critisism of fellow local builders has been a real priviliege! 2016 was also my first time joining a LEGO exhibition as an exhibitor, together with fellow builders from Swebrick, at Ängelholm in September, where I showcased my Avalonian Countryside and Archery Practice builds. It was a very interesting experience and I will definitely be joining more exibitions in 2017.

My own personal favourite build of the year is my Bonsai Tree, which I built for a competition arranged by Swebrick. During the building process I received loads of advice from fellow Swebrick builders, despite themselves also entering the contest, and their constructive feedback was key to the end result. Thank you guys!

On a personal level, my family was extended by yet another spectacular individual 🙂 This has of course meant less time and energy for LEGO building, but family comes first, and I still feel happy with what I have been able to accomplish over the year, while juggling a newborn who just wants to throw LEGO pieces onto the floor 😉

To kickstart the new year, I also launched this website that I will use to share creations, ideas, techniques and thoughts about LEGO. It will contain more in-depth material about my future builds, so do check it out from time to time! Or better yet: follow me to get regular updates 🙂 A big thanks to my wife who put it together for me in her spare time 🙂

Thank you all for your continued interest in my builds!

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