Twilight Cemetery

I created this build for a competition in which you had to build your whole build from one single color. Not something I’ve ever tried before so I figured it would be interesting to try.

It turned out harder than I thought it would be. I had quite a few ideas of designs that may look good in single color, but most of them were scrapped due to missing crucial pieces in the chosen color.

In the end I settled on this design of a cemetery in the gloaming. The idea of using chains for trees is a design I saw someone (can’t remember who unfortunately) use quite a while ago and I think it makes for a very nice organic micro canopy. I have also been toying around with a few different designs of micro buildings, and the church is one of those.

Other than that not much innovation to this build, but it was certainly an interesting exercise.

This is my entry to Swebrick’s single color competition.

Twilight Cemetery (1 of 2)

Twilight Cemetery (2 of 2)

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