Element Experimentation: Grass

To play football you need some proper grass! You can’t play on regular plates, because the studs make the ball bounce all over the place, and tiles are so flat you might as well be indoors πŸ˜›

The solution? Brickbuilt grass made from the finest 64647 – Minifig, Plume Feather Triple Compact / Flame / Water in Dark Green that money can buy! Sure, it might be a bit on the dark side, but the texture is nice, and in a pinch it can double up as nano-scale forest πŸ˜‰

Element Experimentation: Grass

Seriously though, I feel that greenery is very often neglected in compositions. Can’t remember how many times I’ve seen someone build a totally gorgeous building, with loads of intricate details, just to plonk it down in the middle of a green baseplate and start taking photos. At least throw a few stalks on there or something πŸ™‚ Just a little attention to the natural surroundings of a build can go a long way to increase the quality dramatically. Or so I think anyway πŸ™‚

About this build, the grass is a bit too dark, regular green would probably be better. The grass also looks a bit longer than what you’d typically see on a football field. More like a garden lawn when you’ve put off the mowing for a bit too long πŸ˜‰ And honestly, there is almost no way to get those minifigs to stand straight without falling over. But at least the grass looks good… kinda? πŸ™‚

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