Element Experimentation: Carrot Top Grass

Element Experimentation: Carrot Top Grass

Another grass technique. This time made from Bright Green carrot tops. It has pretty good coverage, and it’s pretty cheap if built with flick missiles which cost next to nothing. Carrot tops are also not as expensive as many other grass parts.

The look leaves some to be desired though, as I feel it has a pretty plastic look. The top is also a bit too thick to properly emulate grass.

Using the flick missiles also increases the height of the build quite a bit, and though they are not strictly necessary, some of the pieces will be a bit loose without them so it’s a trade off.

Still, the price is probably the big draw here, which means you can cover a larger area rather cheap. Or at least cheaper than the other grass techniques I’ve covered 😉 Ironically though, I have very few flick missiles, so I could only cover a small area 🙂

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